How Did the Atlas Evolve?

Our dream of creating an atlas took root at 2002's Global Green Mapmakers Meeting. Instead of a conventional atlas, we opted to profile map creation and community impacts from a regional perspective. We discussed our concept with recent grantor Japan-US Community Education and Exchange and thanks to them, Japan Foundation and ten dedicated Mapmakers, Volume One focuses on Asia and North America

"Green Maps are not your basic bit of cartography"
San Diego Union Tribune
Choosing Ten Projects

With so many exemplary projects in Asia and North America, it was difficult to determine which to include in Volume One. We created a decision matrix reflecting our network's diversity and comparing:
uniqueness of the process/result
thoroughness in charting sustainability resources
local support and impacts
contributions to the Green Map network
ease of accessing copies of featured Green Maps
Since future volumes will cover other world regions or themes, eventually every great Green Map Story will be featured in the Atlas series.

When the Green Map Atlas expanded into a multimedia "eBook" publication, its potential to reach and impact communities instantly multiplied. The Atlas is innovative in several ways:
Showcasing the mapmaking process,
in addition to the resulting maps
Illustrating key sites and practicalities
to spur related projects
Encouraging ecologically-sound, decentralized distribution
Harmonizing local and global goals
Encouraging public responses to help
shape the project's future
The Atlas is great reading for students, journalists, community leaders, funders, tourists, grassroots activists and global citizens —share your copy today!
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How Did the Atlas Evolve?
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