How Do I
View It or Share It?

Download the 72 dpi on-screen version. Open the downloaded Atlas with Adobe Acrobat Reader 5 or higher. If you don't already have it, get it free from

Viewing On-Screen
If your PDF does not open automatically in your Acrobat Reader, select File >Open, then select the PDF. Click "Control L" for a full screen view of the Story. Click again to restore scroll bars and desktop.

Full Screen View
PC: ctrl + L
Mac: apple + L
Projecting the Atlas
Use a digital projector to directly display the 72 dpi Atlas PDFs, or import Stories into your presentation for a classroom, conference or community gathering. Find ideas for displaying on paper here.
*Use the magnifier to zoom in on details.

The Atlas includes over 350 photographs and map views. You will also be able to download a special introductory presentation by mid-2004.
Emailing the Atlas
You are welcome to attach the Atlas to an email and send it to friends and colleagues! Send one Story at a time unless you know the recipient has a high speed connection. Please do not deconstruct; send only complete PDFs.

Thanks so much for exploring and sharing the Green Map Atlas. Remember - though easily accessed, the Atlas comes to you at a cost, so please support the "gift economy" spirit in which it was created. Help us secure future support by telling us how you used this first edition — email us or take our survey. Your tax deductible donations will benefit Atlas Volume Two and our other community media projects worldwide—thank you in advance!

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How Do I View It or Share It?
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