How Do I Bind Atlas Books?

Download and open the 150 dpi print-ready PDF. Print a double-sided copy, as described here. Make sure all the pages are in order, including front and back covers. Clip temporarily so the pages stay neat. Then, bind along the left side. 1.5 cm (1/2 inch) from the edge, you can:
punch small holes and sew together
use 3 to 5 staples
use brads or binder clips
use a copy shop's binding service
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download and print the optional Atlas spine and/or wrapper. Make a beautiful cardboard cover, as shown.

Consider making a copy for your local library! Your school or community group might want to work together to make the books, too.

Once bound, your Atlas will become sturdy enough to stand up in a bookcase, be read over and over, and last a long time. We encourage your creative and ecological approaches to binding the Atlas —please share your best ideas with us by mail or email. We will showcase your Atlas books on this web page.
If you are interested in making more than six copies of the Atlas or reproducing it, in whole or in part, in a magazine, book, classroom reader, website or other form of media, you must refer to our legal section, contact us and receive permission in advance. It is required that the copyright mark and ownership be clearly visible on all copies.

Exhibiting the Atlas
As an alternative to binding, the Green Map Atlas can be printed out, mounted and exhibited, so several people can view a single copy. You may want to obtain copies of the featured Green Maps to display, too. Tell us about your exhibit and we will list it with other Atlas events on our News page.
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How Do I Bind Atlas Books?
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