Which Version
Should I Download?

First, consider how you will use the Atlas.

72 dpi
Choose 72 dpi if you will read it on-screen, display it with a projector, or share it by email.

150 dpi
Choose 150 dpi if you will print it to make a book or exhibit.

DPI means Dots Per Inch —the higher the number, the better the image quality.

Click here for the Atlas preview.
Then, consider your download speed. If you have a fast connection, we recommend downloading the entire Atlas, as you can click directly to each Story from its Table of Contents. However if you have a modem or dial-up connection, download the Introduction and Stories one at a time. In either version, follow the hotlinks to visit websites mentioned in each Story.

Each of the Atlas' PDFs has been optimized to reach you quickly:

resolution size 56k modem broadband

72 dpi
Each Story 700k 1.5min. 11sec.
Entire Atlas 7MB 18min. 2.3min.

150 dpi
Each Story 1.4MB 3min. 22sec.
Entire Atlas 16MB 40min. 4min.
For the very best quality printing, get the Atlas CD-ROM —it is 300 dpi, which is the same quality as many books and magazines.

CD-ROMs and printed Atlas books will become available at the online Atlas Store in mid-2004. Add your email address to our list to be notified about new editions.

The Atlas is ready for you to view, print and bind now, directly from the downloaded PDFs!
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Which Version Should I Download?
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