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"Green Maps show us the way to remaking territory —they're inspiring and delightful for anyone concerned with hope for the earth. It's wonderful to have them brought together in a way accessible to people everywhere." —Ernest Callenbach, author of Ecotopia and Ecotopia Emerging

"As a dematerialised product (PDFs), a digitised product (CD-ROM) and a locally printed edition, the Atlas enables individuals to access it in the most appropriate way." —Alastair Fuad-Luke, author of The Eco-Design Handbook (UK)
"Green Map Atlas: a great venture of collaboration of different peoples promoting greener living and sustainability. Looking eagerly forward to join such commendable effort." —Bijayanand Misra, Kyoto, Japan

"Since being featured in such an inspiring document, we have received positive feedback from our supporters - as well as increased opportunities for further funding." Justin Lafontaine, Toronto Green Map

"Congratulations on the release of the atlas. It's truly excellent, and very beautiful. I can tell that a lot of energy and time went into it, and it's well worth it!" Marshall Lefferts, Co-Director, Foundation for Conscious Evolution, Santa Barbara USA
"While communicating messages about sustainability it's vital to untangle the layers of interaction between people and landscapes and help visualise the complexity of the unseen and the unsaid in an urbanscape. Green Maps do precisely that!" Rustam Vania, Centre for Science and Environment, Bangalore India

Thanks so much! We will be adding your comments and press quotes to this page.

Send us your feedback via our survey form. We also welcome comments, images of your Atlas bookbinding innovations and exhibits by email to We are interested in seeing everything the Atlas inspires!
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Our worldwide movement puts hope on the map. Green Map System's network includes nearly 250 locally led projects in 40 countries. More than 150 different Green Maps have been published, as of February 2004.
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